Whereas the owners and operators (the “Owners”) of (the “Website”) have agreed to permit the organization operating the ecommerce store, or its authorized representatives (the “Vendor”) to operate an ecommerce store (the “Store”) on, therefore in consideration of the foregoing, the Vendor hereby agrees to the terms as follows:


  • Admin approval is required to disburse funds. Only “completed” orders will be disbursed, whereas “processing” and “pending” orders will not.
  • The minimum balance required to make a disbursement request is CAD$50.
  • The withdraw threshold for disbursements is 7 calendar days. No disbursements will be issued for orders completed within this timeframe.
  • Withdrawal payment methods include paypal or Interac e-transfer only.


  • Vendor pays 0% commission for Free Plan, and 15% on all sales before discounts on Pro Plan.
  • Shipping and tax costs are the responsibility of Vendor.


  • Refund requests by customers are always manually processed.
  • We suggest no refunds, a 24 hour cancellation policy, and 14 days for returns and exchanges. However, you may change these to fit your own Store’s requirements.


  • Reviews of stores are only allowed for logged-in users.
  • Reviews of stores are automatically approved, but can be manually deleted if there is an issue with the review.
  • We will be happy to mediate any discussion between customers and your Store in the case of negative reviews.


  • As a Vendor, you are expected to log into your Store Manager and check your customer enquiries on a regular basis.
  • Remember, your store ratings will suffer if you do not respond to customers.


  • Vendor verification is optional but recommended. It provides customers with reassurance that you are a legitimate seller.
  • To become a verified vendor, log into your Store Manager, select Settings, then to the right of the “Store Settings” title bar, click on the Verification button. Make sure to check the “Prompt Verify” box at the top.
  • Verify your identity by sending either a business card, or a clear copy of their driver’s license or passport in order to achieve “Verified Vendor” status.
  • You may have to fill out required information on the other menu items under Profile Manager (i.e. Organization Name) in order to submit the request.
  • After confirming the Vendor’s identity, and the Verification has been approved (by a message from Admin as well as an email), you can remove the copy of the driver’s license or passport. We do not keep this information on file and only use it to verify your identity.


  • By becoming a vendor at any and all subscription levels, you agree to participate in a rewards points system that will eventually be implemented. Think Canadian Tire points, or Aeroplan points.
  • The goal of the rewards system is to encourage additional purchases, encourage customers to return, and to encourage customers to invite other customers, thereby growing the customer base and increasing sales.
  • Upon implementation, the rewards system will be retroactive and all existing customers will receive an equivalent of 2% of their purchases.
  • The rewards point system will award customers points for their activity on the website, for example purchases, signing up, logging in, referring friends to your Store, etc.
  • The formula for purchases will be 2% of the value of the goods. For example, if you are selling a $10 decal, the customer will receive points equivalent to $0.20. If you are selling a $75 hoodie, the customer will receive points equivalent to $1.50. Price your goods accordingly to make sure your profit is sufficient.
  • Customer rewards earned at Trailmarkers or any other Store on Trailmarkers will be good for discounts at any Store on Trailmarkers, including your Store. So there exists the possibility that someone could potentially earn enough points from other Stores to purchase one of your products using only their points. This is a rare situation, at least in the first year or two, but still possible, so be prepared.